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We are Modular Engineers, an engineering consultancy with creative solutions. We pride ourselves on a team of experienced engineers and designers dedicated to tackling diverse challenges.

Our office is located in the heart of Sydney Parramatta. Our team is not just a group of professionals; we're a close-knit community of engineers, designers, and problem solvers who thrive on collaboration. A team driven by passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to innovation

We Ensure Your Design’s Structural Integrity - Modular Engineers

No matter what kind of construction project you have on the table, you can trust our building practitioners in NSW to give you the best counsel from start to finish. They will work with your architects and builders to design your project’s strength, durability and stability to perfection and also see that it complies with the local Australian building codes. Otherwise, why even bother bringing in a registered design practitioner in the first place, right? With our 17+ years experience in civil and structural engineering around the world, you can be assured of the highest standards when we handle your project.
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With the ever-increasing popularity of multi-story buildings and the increased risk of structural...
Our team is dedicated to incorporating the latest technologies and products, ensuring our designs not only achieve optimal results but also set industry standards.
Structural engineers help create safe and reliable structures. They are experts in the field...
Offering a virtual construction experience that significantly reduces common errors associated with traditional 2D drafting,
We meticulously analyze structural behaviors to deliver efficient and reliable designs tailored to each project's specific needs.
our testimonials
The team at Modular Engineers have been very helpful in guiding me through the process and getting the certification done in a timely manner.
Varun Sood
Katie, lovely lady, being super helpful! Because I did not understand related procedures, made some mistakes, Katie walked me through with sufficient knowledge and friendly sweet patient tune while sort thing out very efficiently, which not only assist with problem solving, but also took lots of my frustration away. I would certainly go to this company when my next job need certificate.
Miranda DB
I needed a Certificate of Structural adequacy for something on my property. They did it in swift manner and were very helpful in the process. I would highly recommend for anyone who is in need for a structural engineer.
Vince Lanosga
I can't recommend Modular Engineers highly enough. We needed some structural engineering advice. Ali, the CEO, came out personally. He's professional, honest, provides excellent service, has a great sense of humour, and most importantly, clearly has a first class mind for engineering. His extensive experience definitely shows. Furthermore, Katie is a pleasure to communicate with and with whom to do business.
Chris H
Very happy with professional service.
Boris Staver
I approached Modular Engineers for generating site plans and providing me Structural Adequacy Certificate. Their firm secretary Ms. Asseel called me and organised the Inspection date and time. Their Structural Engineer Mr.Ali came on time and carried out a thorough assessment and took photos and measurement. He is true gentleman with wealth of knowledge and experience. He gave few suggestions as well. Upon his inspection within a week they have produced an excellent report with structural plan, storm water plan, structural adequacy certificate and stormwater management certificate. Their service is exceptional who is extremely helpful and honest in sharing their views. I am very impressed their outstanding customer service, exceptional professional service. Truly admirable and I strongly recommend anyone looking for structural Engineering consultancy and advice to talk to Modular Engineers. They are the best!!
Thirumalainambi Murugesh
It was a pleasure dealing with this company. Honest, reliable and very professional. Would definitely recommend them for any project!
Ahlam moussa
Thanks so much for Katie and Ali’s help. Very smooth communication and valuable suggestions. Highly recommended.
Was unsure as to what to do in My situation. Katie was very helpful in assisting. And head engineer Ali was of highest integrity ,professionalism and honesty. Would recommend to anyone. Carmelo

Learn More About Our Experienced And Qualified Class 2 Building Practitioners!

Modular Engineers is proud to have a team of experienced and registered professionals, including registered Class 2 and design and building practitioners near you. These individuals play a vital role in ensuring the quality and compliance of our construction projects.

Class 2 Building Practitioners

Our Class 2 or C2 engineers possess the expertise and qualifications necessary to manage and oversee Class 2 building projects. Class 2 buildings typically include multi-unit residential buildings such as apartments and townhouses. They are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of these projects meet the required standards and regulations. From planning and design to construction and completion, our registered Class 2 building practitioners and C2 engineers ensure that your project is in safe and capable hands.

Design and Building Practitioners

At Modular Engineers, our team includes skilled design and building practitioners who specialise in the entire lifecycle of a construction project. They are involved from the initial design phase to the final construction and handover. Our registered building design practitioners focus on creating innovative, functional, and sustainable designs that align with your vision and meet regulatory requirements. They work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that the final result exceeds your expectations. Having these practitioners on our team demonstrates our dedication to delivering high-quality construction solutions. Their expertise ensures that every project we undertake is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe, durable, and compliant with all relevant building codes and regulations. At Modular Engineers, we understand that successful construction projects require a combination of technical knowledge, creative design, and a deep understanding of regulatory requirements. With our team of skilled professionals, including Class 2 or C2 engineers and design and building practitioners, we offer comprehensive construction services that prioritise quality, compliance, and client satisfaction. Whether you’re planning a Class 2 construction project or seeking innovative design and construction solutions, Modular Engineers have the expertise to bring your vision to life with our C2 engineers near you.
You will be delighted when you sign our registered building practitioners as your design builders in construction or renovation projects in NSW. Besides, if you need class 2 building engineers in Australia, let us know. Our C2 engineers can surely help you out! Call 02-8730 8473 or email at
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We focus on our work and employees’ cross-functional capabilities, which work interdependently to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for all parties involved. ‌
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With decades of combined experience, our rapid growth is testimony to the quality service we provide, and we are determined to continue providing this calibre of work indefinitely. ‌
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Motivated and enthusiastic, our team of engineering consultants have extensive experience, involved in all aspects of the project, including DA, CC and OC approval. ‌
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