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If you’re ready to commence your building project, it’s important to engage the services of a qualified and experienced structural consulting engineer that can offer safe and cost-effective engineered solutions
Whether you’re building from the ground up or adding a new level to accommodate your growing family, engaging a professional structural engineer consultant is a critical step towards successful project completion and compliance to avoid costly delays and mitigate your risk.

Architectural Design Services

Architectural designers aim to balance functionality, comfort and safety into a building design. Beneath the immaculate designs lies the sciences, math, construction and designs that not only catch the eye, but are efficient to build. Architectural designers come hand in hand with civil engineers, project managers and construction teams.

Structural Engineer Services

The role of a structural engineer is driven by the creative manipulation of materials and forms and the underlying mathematical and scientific ideas to achieve an end that fulfils its functional requirements and is structurally safe when subjected to all the loads it is expected to experience. The structural design ensures that the building can stand up safely and be able to function without excessive deflections or movements which may cause fatigue of structural elements.

Civil Engineer Services

Civil engineers design, construct and maintain the infrastructure of modern society whilst also engaging in safe and economical designs to protect our citizens and environment, most in which include commercial and residential buildings. Adapting the infrastructure to natures challenges such as climate change and natural disasters is also effectively considered into the designs.

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Formwork Services

Formwork is the surface of the form and framing used to contain wet concrete and provide stability to a structure.

Formwork needs to be rigid, watertight, braced and tied together to maintain its shape and position during construction.

It is important to consult an engineer when it comes to formwork construction as it requires an engineering expertise to design the complicated shapes, and to provide efficient, economical and safe formwork designs for the construction industry


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